Ballet Starter Pack For Procreate


These 3 x ballet reference models are ideal for studying anatomy or using it as a basis for your unique characters or sculpture.

  • Draw directly on a 3D model in Procreate.
  • 3D Scanned Real Ballet Dancers
  • Optimised for Procreate inc Procreate/.USDZ format files
  • Easily add textures and patterns
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3 Unique Poses

This ballet reference bundle pack is ideal for studying anatomy or for using as a basis for your own unique characters, sculpture, sketches or paintings

Draw from life!

Anatomy 360's 3d scanned data provides unrivalled accuracy when capturing the human form. Add the ability to position cameras and use custom lighting of your choice, these packages really deliver ‘life models’ into your Procreate space.

Using Scans in Procreate

"Our 3D models are perfect for your artistic practice - study anatomy, gesture, colour and light from the best possible source: real life.

 Watch our in-house artist create a beautiful colour study directly from one of our 3D scans:"

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Ballet Starter Pack For Procreate

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